My Carrir Information

I lived in Toronto,Canada from 1976 to 1983. One day,I found a beautiful mushiroom bell pull
in a library showcase. Icould not guess what it was made of|---or even how it was made. I
looked very complicated and difficult,somehow, but I knew I wanted to learn how to make one.

I soon mooved to Tokyo where I had grown up. As soon as I settled down,I exhibited my several
works in a bank lobby. Then I started my first rug hooking class with 17 ladies,in Septmber 1985

I 'v been showing the Japanese who had never seen what a hooking truely is, and how wonderful
it is to make our own works by our own hands, sharing the joys and friendships with many people.



1949:Born in Suma,Hyogo prefecture Japan.

1973:Graduated from Seikei UniversityiEnglish and American literature).

1979:Started learning rug hooking in Canada.

1984:Set about taking Suibokuga lesson in Tokyo.

1985:Opened a classroom of rug hooking in Tokyo.

1986:Organized The North American Rug Hooking Exhibition at Seiyu OZ in Tokyo.

1987:Provided Mrs. Mary Burtons' lecture at the American Club for Japanease members of rug hooking by the help of Mrs.Catherine Thompson.

1988:The second joint exhibition at the lobby of Toyo Shintaku Bank in Tokyo.

1990:The third exhibition at Nerima Public Museum.

1990:Started teaching Suibokuga (a drawing in Indian ink) for NHK Gakuen School.

1992:Exhibited and demonstrated rug hooking works in the American Fair at ToKyu Departmentstore in Shibuya.

1993:Won the 3rd prize at the 2nd celebration of hand-hooked rugs in the U.S.A.

1995:Held the eighth joint exhibition at Shinjuku Promenade Gallery

1996:Held the ninth joint exhibition at Hanamizuki Gallery in Setagaya city(Tokyo).

1997:Attended the second conferenc of The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers[TIGHR] in Halifax Canada.

1998:Held the 10th joint exhibition at Shinjuku Promenade Gallery

2001:Held the first solo exhibition at Rokail Gallery

2004:Presented the 15th joint exhibition at Tokyo Marine Nichido Galley in Tokyo

Charging clasrooms of rug-hooking at Ikebukuro,Shibuya and Ginza.

Ms. Fumiy Hachisuka

Adress: 1-10-17 Minami Oizumi Nerima city Tokyo 178-0064,Japan